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Founded in 2012 by Michael Wachs, a visionary entrepreneur who noticed a
massive void in a highly fragmented industry. 
The industry didn't need another event staffing agency who over promised and under delivered but we believed we could build something different.
We asked ourselves some vital questions.

Why are there so many staffing agencies in this industry? 

What are they doing to differentiate themselves from each other? How do clients choose which agency to use when all of them are claiming to be the best?

We set out to answer these questions and solve the million dollar question. How do you find reliable temp event staff who are professional, energetic and are truly passionate about the brands they're representing while onsite at events.

After digging deep to uncover what on earth was happening in this industry, it was clear what a new staffing agency needed to do in order to cut through the noise and convince clients to take a chance on a newbie.  

We launched in June 2012 with a few guiding principles.

  • Obsess over our clients and their success.

  • Listen implicitly to client needs.  

  • Be super responsive and communicative with all clients.

  • Recruit, train, and match passionate people with the brands they love most.

  • Develop innovative technology that supports the management of field staff and offers clients visibility into staff profiles, field photos, feedback and data capture. All in real-time. 

  • Show clients a solid ROI on their investment with us.


Today, Radar360 is an industry leader with thousands of activations under our belt and a massive talent database.  Our clients are award-winning experiential marketing agencies and event production companies who demand a high level of service and understand that in order to move the needle, deep meaningful engagement is integral to the success of any campaign.  If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

Below are just a few of the brands we've had the pleasure of representing over the past decade.

Just a few of the brands we've represented


 American Express

Capital One




 The Macallan



 Calvin Klein




Louis Vuitton


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