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A New Frontier Of Event Medicine Has Arrived

The safety and well-being of your guests is vital to success. 

We have custom tailored solutions to meet the needs of both small and large scale events.   

Contact us today to hear more about our event medical services. 

Event Medical Services

In addition to many other factors, the safety and well-being of your guests play a large role in the overall success of an event. As more and more event producers look for ways to mitigate risk and maintain a safe environment for their guests, the need for on-site, professional, hospitable medical care has never been greater.  Rest assured your guests are well-cared for and contact us for your next event.

Set Medics

Production companies often require medical personnel to be present, on set during shoots for the safety and well-being of all cast and crew.  Our staff has the experience and knowledge to handle any type of situation in a professional and discreet manner while on set.

COVID Compliance

Guidelines have recently been implemented for the safe resumption of on-set production in the television and film industries. In addition to enhanced medical services including temperature screening and wellness questionnaires, several guilds and studios mandated the creation of a new position: a COVID-19 Compliance Officer.

Ambulance Standby

We maintain strategic alliances with ambulance providers across the country.  We're able to coordinate the resources of BLS (basic life support) or ALS (advanced life support) ambulances for your event. 

A standby ambulance at your event allows  for a rapid response and transport by not 

Ambassador Program

Leveraging our massive global database of talent through Radar|Engage, our ambassadors are not medically trained but will serve as friendly faces at large scale events, offering guests a helping hand and notifying medical staff of incidents when needed.


We can help you develop an  emergency action plan or advise on your current plan.   We routinely consult with PR agencies, event production companies, experiential marketing agencies and event producers on their on-site medical needs.

Event-Medics 1.jpeg
Event-Medics 1.jpeg

Event Medical Services

Our team of certified, professional EMTs and Paramedics are on-site, ready to care for your guests in the event of an emergency. 


All situations are handled in a discreet and confidential manner.  Incidents are well documented and shared with our clients post-event.  

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